About Us

Chicagoland Public Adjusters Association (CLPAA) was established in 2020 to promote a higher standard for policyholder advocacy. Public insurance adjusters are licensed to serve the general public and deliver knowledgeable and experienced representation when filing a claim for property damage.

The original members set aside their competitive interests, choosing instead to band together for the greater good of the profession and for the policyholder. Collectively more than decades and several generations of Public adjusters working together for the public good. Members assist one another to address issues within the first-party property insurance claims community and support a platform designed to impact legislation, regulation, accreditation, and consumer awareness.

Committed leaders travel the country volunteering their time and expertise to participate in matters to safeguard and promote the profession. The association offers benefits that include, Information, Lobbing, networking events and continuing education recognized by the state of Illinois insurance departments, representation by experts in legal, legislative, and regulatory matters.

We also advertise and provide the public with a list of Professional Public adjusters who abide by the gold standard of adjusting in the state of Illinois The Chicagoland Public Insurance Adjusters association continues to elevate the practice of public adjusting.

Members are held to the highest standard of professional conduct, ethics, and integrity. If you are ready to be the best professional you can be for your clients, then apply today.

Corporate Membership Benefits

Founded in 2020, CLPAA goal is to ensure that the rights of a public adjuster are represented so that the licensed public adjuster can be able to work in a fair and open marketplace. In accordance with this goal, we:

  • Have access to lobbyist to ensure a fair and open marketplace to protect policy holders
  • Have access to policy holder attorney
  • Report regularly to all Public Insurance Adjusters in Illinois on matters that pertain to them.

Communicate with insurance commissioners and regulators in every state, addressing important policyholder issues as they arise.

Lease the CLPAA logo while member active

Assist regulators with policing unlicensed solicitation

Inform the public on “The Value of a Public Adjuster.”

Inform the licensed public adjuster of the ethical standards that are required to maintain a public adjuster license.

Monitor all Illinois and Chicago licensing laws and regulations that can have an impact on Public Insurance Adjusters in how they represent policyholders.

Advocate for the profession of Public Insurance Adjusters nationally.

Meet with insurance commissioners and governmental regulators throughout Chicago land and Illinois discussing language and rules and regulations so that the license of a public adjuster is properly maintained and enacted, and at times offers expert analysis to aid the process.

Advocate for all licensed public adjusters

Advocate for continuing education units for all public adjusters so that they can continue to advance and improve their knowledge of the industry they represent.

Work with the licensing industry to educate.

Work with the many insurance fraud and abuse agencies in the state of Illinois.

Support, Cooperation, information and best practices from fellow Members

Provide access to great and informative continuing education

Individual Membership Benefits

  • Regularly updated with the latest public adjuster news and Illinois regulation
  • Licensed use to the CLPAA Associate member logo
  • Support the profession of Professional Public Adjuster
  • Contribute to the Chicagoland public adjuster mission by supporting the cost of our lobbyist and a legal team who continue to fight for Public Adjusters and for Policy holder rights
  • Support, Cooperation, information and best practices from fellow Members
  • Provide access to great and informative continuing education

Rules of Professional Conduct and Ethics

The following Rules of Professional Conduct and Ethics are applicable to all members of the Association:

  • The members shall conduct themselves in a spirit of fairness and justice to their clients, the Insurance Companies, and the public.
  • Members shall refrain from improper solicitation
  • No misrepresentation of any kind shall be made to an assured or to the Insurance Companies.
  • Commission rates shall be fair and equitable, and strictly in accordance with the prevailing custom in the locality, and must, where laws or regulations of insurance departments exist, comply fully with such laws or regulations.
  • Members shall conduct themselves so as to command respect and confidence. They shall work in harmony with one another, with their clients, and the Insurance Companies' representatives, so as to foster a cordial and harmonious relationship with all branches of the insurance business, and with the general public.
  • Members must be fitted, by knowledge and experience, for the work they undertake. They must not endanger the interests of the public adjusting profession, or risk injustice to assured or to the Insurance Companies, by attempting to handle losses or claims for which they are not qualified, and for which they cannot find competent technical assistance.
  • Members shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law.
  • Members shall not engage employees, independent contractors, to moonlight as public adjusters in non sanctioned solicitation times and practices
  • Members shall not attempt to undercut or double contract a fellow member
  • Members shall not disseminate or use any form of agreement, advertising, or any printed matter that is harmful to the profession of public adjusting, or which does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Insurance Department of the state in which such member is professionally engaged, or which might subject public adjusting and public adjusters to criticism or disrespect.

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